It was one of those weeks; lonely and depressing. I had been dragging my body around, like a broken limb, from errand to errand. Barely present, a husk of a person. I was looking out of the bars on my window, contemplating a second cigarette when my phone rang. The only thing I hate more... Continue Reading →

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Nostrum and Blues

You fold clothes. You moisturise the front 2 inches of your hair. You put away half the folded clothes. You check for the ninth time that hour if the babies are still breathing in bed. You scroll through Instagram for an hour that you don't have. You stir your fifth mug of tea. You check... Continue Reading →

3am pregnancy musings

How big is a placenta? Can I eat a placenta? Why would you want to eat a placenta? It's basically vegan meat right? Weird how it looks like the tree of life Yggdrasil on a bloody night... The superhuman feat by my wife Image Source

That Night

“I was mad to come to you in the first place. Our love was a dead thing even before it began. You were right about that. Be free Esi! Now I finally am.”

I walked for hours back to James Town and slept like the dead for 24 hours. I had a plan now...


There were angry apes, sassy slogans gorgeous Brazilian footballers, models in all shades of African chocolate and proper Caribbean cool.

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